Hello my Glam Tribe!!!


I decided to invite you into one of my creative moment.

5 years ago, i created a concept that I called Afropointilism: my artistic way of expression through dots.

The story started when i was a little girl in my home town in France, where i discover through Van Gogh the pointilism.

I then discovered more about my roots and the African continent. I noticed that from the ornaments to the body tribal makeup, we will commonly use dots.

And because, I grew up very far from my ancestors, I’ve always been intrigued to know my story. I didn’t have any grand-parents to share with me the store of my family.

That is how the Afropointilism was created. It is my creative way to translate my African Heritage while connecting the dots of my story, as the letters will create words and sentences.

It’s time for you now to watch the video bellow to discover how i create my Art!



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