I am Nallah Balassama Sangaré born and raised in France but originally from Ivory Cost & Mali. Few words about me… I have an International business & management background (UK diploma) and i’m working in the Cosmetic field for over 13 years.

I started my Beauty journey with Givenchy and Darphin (french skincare & fragrance brands) and I also got some experience in the Well-being (spas) & as a hairstylist.

I am self-made as I have been mainly trained on the field. I became a makeup artist because I wanted to help women to reveal their beauty and feel good about themselves.

Along my journey I met so many women that I could help and see as they were “singular beauties”.
My favorite comment is “thank you, I can now see myself” this is not really about the makeup but more about finding a way to connect and understand her.
I then became trainer and realized that giving was even more important for me, from my makeup artists to the customers, I was all about sharing and inspiring.

My Mission

Provide professional Beauty services to those in need of skin and makeup tutorials, image consultations for the workplace and events in need of make up artists.

All services are tailored to their specific needs, with the belief that an individual’s image reflects upon the success of that individual, event and/or company’s well being.


CEO & Founder of Nallah B. Sangaré Ltd.
Brand, Image and Creative Consulting



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